I’m a dissident cog in Moloch’s Machine

This is where I’ll post up the things that I write up - my meagre attempts to chip away at the alien1 system we inhabit

On DiscoG, I’ll be posting remixes, crappy memes, and other random stuff that I might make or write, like Plague Dr. Schrödinger and His Transcredible Cat from Outer Spaaaaaace!

Apesurgency is growing to be a series of posts about the retail investor revolution, how it connects to everything else, and why it Matters™.

I hate email clutter ∴ I have not set this up as an email newsletter. I’m just posting here to the site like a blog. Subscribe if you want. But I’m pretty sure that if you fund my stuff interesting and/or entertaining, you’ll be able to find me again. disCOG, discoG, on twitter and substack.

That is all, carry on.


Think GAI, Scramblers from Peter Watts’ Blindsight, or the entity from Stanisław Lem’s Solaris